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Developing and implementing sustainable strategies

About Blue Dome Consulting

Blue Dome for Sustainability is a consulting firm that provides services to its clients to develop and implement sustainability strategies across their operation.

Increasingly companies believe that environmental and social sustainability are the imperative management undertaking for business sustainability in the face of current environmental and social problems such as climate change and social inequity.

Our team has a deep understanding at the intersection of sustainability and business objectives based on decades of hands-on experience in the industry and academic research.

Our approach to sustainability goes beyond the traditional corporate-social-responsibility practices to system-thinking in the environmental-social-governance (ESG) practices of the client.

We assist our clients to take a holistic approach in technology innovation, design, manufacturing, and lifecycle operation of their products for sustainable outcomes that contribute to firm’s competitive advantage and to its intrapreneurial opportunities.

Our founder has decades of hands-on experience in organizational leadership for new product innovation in both semiconductor and energy industries. He also gained expertise in the application of sustainability principles in technology and product innovation through more than a decade of academic research, teaching, and coaching of industrial clients.

Founder and CEO
Dariush Rafinejad, PhD

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